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Cacao Fruit Gaining Popularity in Beers and Wines

Cacao Fruit Gaining Popularity in Beers and Wines Barry Callebaut, beer, Beverage, beverage trends, cacao fruit, Chocolate and confectionery ingredients, Cocoa bean, Market Trends, Sustainability, Transparency and supply chain, wine, young people Food and Beverage Business

The cocoa tree produces not only cocoa beans, but also cacao fruit. The cacao fruit originates from the cacao pod, from which cocoa beans and chocolate products are derived.

Traditionally, 70% of the cacao pod is discarded, but a brand called Cabosse Natural, from global chocolate producer Barry Callebaut, is now repurposing the cacao fruit using the pulp, peel, and juice from the pod.

The cacao fruit has the potential to become a popular trend in 2024. The ‘whole cacao’ trend proposes utilizing the entire cacao fruit, which has been a practice for centuries in some regions but is gaining popularity in other areas. The fruit can be incorporated into a variety of products, including sorbets, ice creams, dairy products, and confectionery.

The beverage industry has embraced the cacao fruit, using it as an ingredient in beers and wines. Several beer and wine launches in 2023 featured drinks containing cacao fruit, such as Cacoboa Wine and Pulpoca.

When producers incorporate cacao fruit into beer and wine, they need to consider the taste. William Angleys, sales director at Cabosse Naturals, emphasizes that cacao fruit provides a unique and refreshing flavor that complements and contrasts with traditional beverage ingredients.

Feedback from consumers has been positive, and the market potential for cacao fruit products is considerable. The use of upcycled cacao fruit appeals to socially conscious consumers and has the potential to bring economic benefits to its producers.

In 2021, a certification for upcycled foods was introduced to assure consumers that a product is low in waste. This certification reinforces the appeal of cacao fruit to modern consumers and can also lead to economic benefits for fruit producers.

Overall, the growing popularity of cacao fruit presents opportunities for innovation and sustainability in the food and beverage industry. By repurposing cacao fruit, producers have the potential to capture new markets and enhance the quality of life for both consumers and farmers.

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