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Torus Pak® and Galley Cuisine Join Forces to Elevate In-Flight Dining Experience at Major European Airports

Torus Pak® and Galley Cuisine Join Forces to Elevate In-Flight Dining Experience at Major European Airports food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Resource Efficiency Food and Beverage Business Torus Pak

Torus Pak®, a frontrunner in innovative food and drink packaging technology, has forged a strategic partnership with Amsterdam-based Galley Cuisine. This collaboration is set to elevate the in-flight dining experience for private jet passengers traveling through major European hubs, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Eindhoven.

Building on Successful Foundations

Expanding its footprint from Paris and Nice airports, Torus Pak® is revolutionizing in-flight dining across Europe with its patented technology. The retractable base of the Torus Pak® tray enables meals to be elegantly plated, benefiting high-end caterers like Galley Cuisine.

Enhancing Culinary Presentation and Efficiency

Andre Seijbel, Co-founder of Galley Cuisine, Holland and Belgium’s premier VIP inflight catering service, is optimistic about the partnership, stating, “Collaborating with Torus Pak® aligns with our mission to enhance the standards of in-flight dining. This unique packaging, tested onboard different private jets, is ideal for high-end catering at 41,000 feet. It allows our kitchen team to plate exclusive dishes efficiently in a limited space, enabling flight attendants to plate 12 starters or main courses in less than 5 minutes on their own exclusive china.”

Bo Tan, Co-founder at Galley Cuisine, emphasized the functionality of the Torus Pak® system: “The innovative design of the Torus Pak® significantly streamlines our serving process. Flight attendants can present meals beautifully and efficiently, preserving the integrity of our meticulously crafted dishes.”

Positioned for Future Growth

Aleksandra Tomczak at Torus Pak® reflected on the expansion and the company’s future objectives, “Our new partnership with Galley Cuisine marks a pivotal step in our strategy to enhance in-flight catering globally. Leveraging our presence at Paris and Nice airports, we are well-prepared for further expansion and enthusiastic about the future prospects.”

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