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KHS Enhances Innofill PET DRV Filler for Improved Speed and Effectiveness

KHS Enhances Innofill PET DRV Filler for Improved Speed and Effectiveness beverage packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Machinery, Recyclability, Resource Efficiency Food and Beverage Business

At KHS, we have enhanced our modular Innofill PET DRV filler with three key improvements to ensure faster and more efficient filling of still and carbonated beverages into PET bottles without compromising on quality. These enhancements are vital for meeting the growing demands of the beverage industry, particularly in challenging conditions.

One major improvement is the introduction of the Innofill PET DRV HC (high capacity) filler option, which provides flexibility when filling large containers of 1.5 liters or more. This option allows for increased machine output by up to 15% for larger container sizes, thanks to technical optimizations that boost filling speed. Additionally, the pneumatic switching valve now offers three switching steps, giving beverage producers the flexibility to fill both small and large container formats with optimal quality and time efficiency.

Furthermore, we have elevated the speed of our DRV fillers to meet the demands of markets like Asia, with an impressive output of up to 90,000 containers per hour for carbonated soft drinks. To ensure gentle and safe handling of beverage containers at high speeds, advanced simulation technology is utilized to compute the impact of centrifugal force on beverage sloshing during filling and capping processes.

To address the need for bottle stability, especially in hot climates, we have introduced a new bottle base cooling function to our block system. This innovative cooling process ensures that PET bottles are solidified quickly after exiting the stretch blow molder, enhancing stability and leak tightness. The procedure uses a filtered cooling water circuit to reduce water consumption and improve hygiene, setting a new standard for our Innofill PET DRV filler lineup.

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