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Carrefour ceases sale of PepsiCo products due to price hikes

Carrefour ceases sale of PepsiCo products due to price hikes Carrefour, Energy & Sports, inflation, Lay's, Pepsi, PepsiCo, Quaker Oats, Retail & Shopper Insights, Soft Drinks & Water Food and Beverage Business

Starting Thursday, supermarket stores have implemented the message: “We no longer sell this brand because of the unacceptable prices.” This message also appears online, with the supermarket expressing regrets for any inconvenience caused to consumers while emphasizing its dedication to lowering prices.

One of the world’s largest supermarket chains, Carrefour, with global net sales surpassing €90bn ($99bn) in 2022, typically offers a range of PepsiCo brands including Pepsi, Lay’s Quaker, Doritos, and Rockstar. However, PepsiCo announced plans for ‘modest’ price increases over the next year, following previous price rises in 2022 and 2023.

In light of the global concern over inflation and the cost of living, particularly prominent in France where Carrefour is headquartered, the supermarket’s decision comes as a response to this challenge. France has even proposed a law to combat ‘shrinkflation’.

In response to Carrefour’s decision, PepsiCo stated, “We’ve been in discussion with Carrefour for many months and we will continue to engage in good faith in order to try to ensure that our products are available.”

The decision has been reflected in the online sphere, with French shoppers encountering a message when attempting to buy Pepsi through Carrefour, indicating that the brand is no longer sold due to the “unacceptable rise in prices.” This decision reflects current food and beverage industry trends, food distribution trends, as well as food and drink consumer trends.

The food and beverage industry continuously evolves, with food manufacturing trends, food processing technology, food and drink sustainability, packaging, marketing, and regulations all playing a role in shaping the market. With changing consumer trends and the need for innovation, businesses must adapt to stay relevant in the industry.

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