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Pladis aims for a more indulgent experience with their latest, extra chocolatey McVitie’s Digestives.

pladis targets indulgent treats with most chocolatey McVitie's Digestives yet

Pladis has recently launched a new addition to its popular McVitie’s Digestives range: McVitie’s Seriously Chocolatey Digestives. This new offering is the most chocolatey version of Digestives yet and aims to tap into the demand for more indulgent everyday treats among consumers.

Featuring a crunchy cocoa Digestive biscuit filled with dark chocolate chips and topped with the brand’s signature smooth milk chocolate, McVitie’s Seriously Chocolatey Digestives promise to deliver three times the chocolate pleasure. In concept testing, 94% of under 45s expressed their intent to purchase this new product, indicating strong potential for success.

Building on the triumph of McVitie’s White Chocolate Digestives, which generated £1.2m in incremental sales within the first six months and became the category’s biggest launch in two years, McVitie’s Seriously Chocolatey Digestives have now hit shelves in 250g packs at Morrisons, with availability expanding to all major supermarkets starting in July.

James King, marketing director of McVitie’s at Pladis UK&I, underscores the appeal of McVitie’s products for morning and midday snacking occasions while emphasizing the opportunity for growth in late afternoon and evening snacking. He notes that chocolate is a key driver of indulgence, particularly among younger and family shoppers, and believes McVitie’s Seriously Chocolatey Digestives are well-positioned to cater to this demand.

With a strong performance in concept testing and a focus on indulgence and multi-chocolate treats, McVitie’s Seriously Chocolatey Digestives are poised to build on the success of the brand’s existing lineup and cater to the evolving preferences of snacking consumers. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this decadent treat, available at Morrisons for £1.99 per 250g pack, with wider availability in major supermarkets starting this July.

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