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Collaboration Between Fortnum & Mason Results in Cultivated Beef Scotch Egg

Collaboration Between Fortnum & Mason Results in Cultivated Beef Scotch Egg collaborate, cultivated beef, Cultivated meat, Emerging Science & Tech, Fortnum & Mason, meat, poultry & seafood, scotch egg Food and Beverage Business

Fortnum & Mason recently collaborated with cultivated meat manufacturer Ivy Farm to develop a scotch egg for a panel discussion on the future of meat production, aimed at highlighting the environmental impact of industrial farming. The panel, featuring speakers from food tech companies and agricultural businesses, formed part of an ongoing series by Fortnum & Mason focused on the future of food innovation.

The latest iteration of the scotch egg, created by taking a cell sample from a farm-raised animal and cultivating it in a fermentation tank at Ivy Farm’s facility in Oxford, is claimed to contribute 92% less emissions, 90% less land, and 66% less water compared to conventional beef farming.

Fortnum & Mason’s Hatty Cary expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Ivy Farm to create the world’s first cultivated meat scotch egg, having launched our original almost 300 years ago.” Cary also emphasized Fortnum & Mason’s commitment to embracing innovation through its recently opened Food & Drink Studio, allowing for in-depth exploration of the future of food production.

Emma Lewis, chief commercial and product officer at Ivy Farm, highlighted the significance of recreating the scotch egg as a way to showcase the firm’s technology and encourage consumption of nutritious and delicious meat in a more sustainable manner. Lewis pointed out that cultivated meat offers a way to enjoy beloved meat products while minimizing environmental impact.

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