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TNA introduces latest hydro cutting technology for French fry production

TNA introduces latest hydro cutting technology for French fry production French fries, hydro cutting system, TNA Food and Beverage Business

The TNA Conti Cut hydro cutting system incorporates innovative ‘switcher’ technology that enables it to easily meet the industry’s highest output capacity of approximately 30 Mt/hr.

TNA highlights key features of the switcher technology within the Conti Cut, which include enhancing drive efficiency, productivity, reducing waste, and ensuring uptime with designated alignment tubes and integrated knife blocks. This technology allows for achieving the longest cut size possible when processing large volumes of potatoes through the alignment tubes. Additionally, it offers flexibility through an interchangeable knife block, allowing potatoes to be cut into various shapes and sizes such as sticks, wedges, and slices. The system also features a blockage detection mechanism using a pressure transmitter or flowmeter installed in the switcher to identify issues like broken knives or product stuck in the knife block.

Twan van den Berg, global sales manager processing at TNA Solutions, emphasizes the importance of delivering solutions that meet the increasing demands of the global French fries market, projected to exceed $40bn in value by 2027. He explains that the TNA Conti Cut hydro cutting system differs from mechanical cutters by using the alignment tube to ensure consistent lengthwise positioning of the potato, resulting in a longer cut compared to random dropping onto a high-speed rotating cutting head.

In today’s competitive landscape, where sustainability and efficiency are key priorities for food and beverage companies, investing in advanced processing technology like the TNA Conti Cut can help businesses enhance productivity, reduce waste, and meet consumer demands for high-quality products. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions that optimize production capacity and operational efficiency, companies can position themselves for success in a rapidly evolving market.

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