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Sainsbury’s Implements Significant Reduction in Standalone Plastic Usage for Mushroom Packaging

Sainsbury’s Implements Significant Reduction in Standalone Plastic Usage for Mushroom Packaging cut through, mushroom punnets, plastics, Sainsbury's Food and Beverage Business

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to become the first UK retailer to introduce cardboard punnets for all mushrooms across its stores. In line with its Plan for Better commitments, the move is part of the company’s efforts to reduce plastic packaging across its own brand ranges. The change will affect all 13 own-brand mushroom lines, including popular varieties like whole baby button, closed cup, organic, and chestnut mushrooms.

As of now, customers can already purchase bySainsbury’s and SO Organic mushrooms in cardboard punnets both in stores and online. Furthermore, the initiative will also extend to Taste the Difference lines by the end of January. Claire Hughes, the director of product and innovation at Sainsbury’s, expressed delight in introducing cardboard punnets for the company’s own-brand mushrooms. She highlighted the collaborative effort with suppliers to increase recycled content and recyclability for all customers, which has led to the company’s biggest ever plastics removal achievement.

The shift to cardboard punnets underscores Sainsbury’s commitment to a healthier and more sustainable future, reflecting its ongoing dedication to innovating packaging and reducing plastic usage wherever possible. Notably, the film packaging for the mushrooms can still be recycled at flexible plastics recycling points available in all Sainsbury’s UK supermarkets.

This move by Sainsbury’s aligns with the growing consumer trends towards food and drink sustainability and sustainable packaging. It highlights the company’s dedication to meeting these evolving needs and expectations in the food and drink market. Through this initiative, Sainsbury’s is actively contributing to the promotion of sustainable packaging practices within the food and drink industry.

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