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Quaker Oats transitions to paper packaging for their porridge pots

Quaker Oats transitions to paper packaging for their porridge pots paper packaging, porridge pots, Quaker Oats Food and Beverage Business

Quaker Oats has introduced new paper packaging across its entire range of porridge pots, marking a significant step in the brand’s efforts to reduce its use of virgin plastic. The move is expected to cut the brand’s plastic consumption by up to 200 tonnes annually, based on the estimated volume of Quaker pots to be manufactured in 2023. This eco-friendly shift will also simplify the recycling process for consumers, as they will now only need to rinse and recycle one piece of packaging.

Previously, Quaker porridge pots were recyclable, but the plastic inner packaging had to be separated from the card sheath for recycling. With the switch to paper packaging, the recycling process has been streamlined, making it much easier for consumers. With Quaker Oats accounting for nearly half (47%) of the UK porridge pot market, the transition to paper packaging will have a substantial impact on reducing the virgin plastic used in porridge pots across the country.

The new paper pots will be available on the shelves of all major retailers starting this month. This initiative is part of a series of packaging changes announced by Quaker’s parent company PepsiCo, with a focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. PepsiCo’s overall health and sustainability transformation plan, known as PepsiCo Positive, includes an ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040.

Gareth Callan, sustainable packaging lead at PepsiCo UK and Ireland, emphasized the importance of convenience in driving recycling rates. He stated, “Quaker Oats was one of the first branded porridge pots on the market, so we’re proud to also be leading in packaging innovation and plastic reduction. We know convenience is a key factor in driving recycling rates, which is another important reason for launching this new packaging, and we’re pleased to be making it as easy as possible for Quaker fans to recycle their pots, wherever they are.”

In related developments, PepsiCo brand Walkers recently introduced new paper outer packaging across its Walkers Baked multipack range and has also piloted bagless multipacks for Snack A Jacks. These initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to sustainable food packaging and reducing its environmental footprint.

This proactive approach to eco-friendly packaging by industry leaders like Quaker and PepsiCo sets a commendable example for the broader food and beverage sector. As the demand for sustainable packaging continues to grow, the success of these initiatives will serve as an inspiration for other companies to prioritize environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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