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Markem-Imaje Introduces New White Touch Dry Ink for Market Inkjet Coders

Markem-Imaje Introduces New White Touch Dry Ink for Market Inkjet Coders inkjet coders, Markem-Imaje, market, white touch dry ink Food and Beverage Business

The new white ink is designed to address the challenge of marking on dark or black substrates when black ink does not provide enough contrast. This is especially relevant when light dye-based inks, such as yellow and orange, are not prominent. The ink is a pigment-based white Touch Dry hot melt ink for industrial (non-food grade) applications. It was initially developed for printing on film, but can also be used on other substrates, such as black film, textiles, non-woven materials, coated corrugate, and black re-usable plastic containers after testing.

Moreover, the ink is free of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it safe to handle and minimizing environmental impact during printing. It does not spread along corrugated fibers and retains resolution. Additionally, a variety of colored inks are available, offering flexibility in coding applications. Since its launch, the ink has been deployed by manufacturers in various industries, including fresh produce, frozen foods, snack foods, dairy products, confectionery, wines and spirits, pet foods, breakfast and cereals, biscuits and cakes, and meats.

Greg Kasprzak, marketing team leader at Markem-Imaje, emphasized the significance of this ink by stating, “With the introduction of this new, white Touch Dry ink, an even greater range of coding applications are available to the end user, particularly where the end material poses challenges because it is dark in color.”

As the demand for food and drink sustainability and sustainable packaging continues to rise, the importance of innovative solutions like the new white Touch Dry ink becomes more pronounced. Businesses aiming to capitalize on food and drink consumer trends should consider adopting advanced packaging and coding technology to meet evolving industry standards and enhance their marketing efforts.

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