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Lindum Packaging supports Britain’s oldest brewer in achieving sustainability goals

Lindum Packaging supports Britain’s oldest brewer in achieving sustainability goals brewer, Britain, Lindum Packaging, oldest brewer, Sustainability Food and Beverage Business

Britain’s oldest brewer has significantly enhanced its sustainability practices by making the switch to a pallet wrap film that contains 30% recycled content. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and follows previous efforts to improve the sustainability of its product packaging.

With a rich 400-year heritage and a network of 300 pubs spanning London and the South East, the brewery sought out a pallet stretch film with recycled content to further reduce its environmental impact. After encountering challenges with previous solutions that led to operational inefficiencies, the company turned to Lindum Packaging for assistance. The company had faced issues with films snapping on high-speed wrapping machines, causing line downtime and production disruptions.

Lindum Packaging provided a solution in the form of its high-performance Carestretch 30% Recycled Nano film, which not only contains 30% recycled content but also reduces the total film weight per pallet. This made the project cost-neutral, delivering a win-win situation for the brewery. Rick Sellars, sales manager at Lindum, highlighted the importance of using the correct type and amount of pallet wrap for stable and secure transportation of goods. He noted the increasing demand for sustainable plastic packaging, including pallet wrap with recycled content, and emphasized the benefits of Lindum’s Carestretch range as a sustainable packaging solution.

Sellars explained, “The properties of our pre-stretched Carestretch film meant that not only is performance excellent, but less is needed for each pallet wrapped. We are very happy to raise a glass to the company’s success.”

The brewery’s initiative to embrace sustainable packaging solutions is a testament to its dedication to environmental stewardship and sets a positive example for the industry.

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