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Greiner Packaging’s K3® r100 Self-Separating Packaging Launches with Molkerei Forster and Lidl Schweiz

Greiner Packaging's K3® r100 Self-Separating Packaging Launches with Molkerei Forster and Lidl Schweiz food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

In the food and drink packaging industry, companies have long been utilizing cardboard-plastic combinations for sustainability. One groundbreaking innovation in this sector is the self-separating K3® r100 packaging, recently introduced in Switzerland for the Milbona brand natural yogurts. This packaging, developed by Greiner Packaging and now used by Swiss retailer Lidl Schweiz, is poised to revolutionize the collection and recycling process.

The innovative K3® r100 packaging sets the foundation for optimal recycling by allowing cardboard and plastic components to separate from each other autonomously. This not only simplifies the recycling process but also lays the groundwork for future collection systems in Switzerland. With this packaging, the mechanical pressure ensures the separation of plastic cups and cardboard wraps, enabling them to be identified and recycled separately.

Partnerships have been crucial in driving such innovations, and the successful cooperation between Greiner Packaging and Molkerei Forster has been pivotal in bringing the K3® r100 to market. This packaging underwent numerous filling tests at Molkerei Forster, ensuring its practicality and marketability.

Collaboration and innovation are at the forefront of this sustainable packaging initiative, with all three companies involved – Greiner Packaging, Molkerei Forster, and Lidl Schweiz – sharing the goal of promoting a sustainable future. By introducing the K3® r100 packaging, they are collectively taking a significant step towards sustainability in the food and drink packaging sector.

The environmentally-conscious mindset extends to the actual product as well, with the Milbona brand natural yogurts being sold in 500g tubs at Lidl Schweiz branches. The long-standing partnership between all three companies and their commitment to sustainability speaks volumes about their dedication to environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

With a forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication to sustainability, the introduction of the K3® r100 packaging in the Swiss market is a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovating food and drink sustainable packaging.

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