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Biopax to invest multimillion pounds in Belfast

Biopax to invest multimillion pounds in Belfast Belfast, Biopax, investment Food and Beverage Business

Following the company’s purchase of a Heidelberg press, this investment aims to cater to the on-the-go deli and quick-serve restaurant market in the UK and Ireland. It is in line with the company’s strategy to expand its operations.

For a long time, the demand for paper-wrapped food products in the UK and Ireland has heavily relied on imports from Asia and Europe. However, Biopax’s investment will significantly boost the domestic paper wraps supply by over 500 million units per year, reducing the reliance on imported products.

Driven by a consistent annual growth rate of over 25% in on-the-go, pharmaceutical, and quick-service restaurant products, Biopax aims to provide plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable fibre-based packaging.

The new production line will be equipped with advanced auto-camera color management and registration detection systems to ensure that customer expectations are consistently met.

Biopax ensures that the wraps will meet sustainability goals, offering recyclability, re-pulpability, and compostability, while maintaining barrier performance against hot foods, salads, and sauces, thanks to plant-based grease barrier coatings.

Furthermore, Biopax is also exploring a PE-free solution for the paper cup industry to help improve circularity in this fast-growing category.

Terry Cross, chairman of Biopax, stated: “Biopax promises to deliver a long-term solution to the plastic problem in the packaging sector and by continually reinvesting in the best equipment, we will be able to increase our capabilities and fast track the delivery of green packaging and allow the markets that we serve a more domestic product.”

He also added that there are plans to double the size of the facility next year to further expand their operations.

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