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Research indicates high levels of PFAS found in eggs, rice, and seafood

Research indicates high levels of PFAS found in eggs, rice, and seafood Bakery and Cereal, eggs, Fish & Seafood, meat Food and Beverage Business

In a recent study, it was revealed that high levels of PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are present in common food items like white rice, eggs, red meat, seafood, and coffee.

The research, posted on Elsevier’s Science Direct website, analyzed dietary sources of PFAS and detected significant concentrations in blood and breast milk samples from over 1,500 mothers in New Hampshire since 2009.

PFAS, including PFOS, PFOA, PFNA, and PFDA, are synthetic chemicals known as forever chemicals, widely found in water, air, dust, and consumer goods like food packaging and cleaning products.

The study highlighted that increased intake of eggs resulted in higher PFOS, PFOA, and PFDA concentrations in the bloodstream, alongside other foods like white rice, red meat, coffee, and seafood.

The findings suggest developing dietary interventions during pregnancy to reduce exposure to PFAS for mothers and children.

Past research has linked PFAS ingestion to health issues like thyroid disease, liver and kidney problems, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal development and breastfeeding.

Despite these risks, the food industry has been hesitant to address the challenge posed by forever chemicals. Only a few companies, like Nestle and General Mills, have openly discussed their adherence to safety regulations.

Beyond PFAS, BPAs, another group of forever chemicals, have raised concerns in Europe due to their presence in water bottles, food containers, and pipes. Regulations have been enforced to restrict their use.

In response to growing awareness, the EU and the US have taken steps to ban the use of harmful chemicals in food packaging, aiming to safeguard public health.

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