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Grupo Hidalgo in Spain acquires a new facility for poultry and turkey meats

Grupo Hidalgo in Spain acquires a new facility for poultry and turkey meats meat, meat alternatives Food and Beverage Business

Grupo Hidalgo, a Spanish fresh and processed meats producer, has bought a new warehouse facility in the central region of Castile-La Mancha. The acquisition of this 3,500 square metre plant from national poultry peer Grupo Uvesa will allow Grupo Hidalgo’s Granja Gourmet brand to focus on producing processed chicken and turkey products. According to Sergio Herrera, deputy production director for the group’s Granja Gourmet brand, the new warehouse will provide customers with “a more complete service” and increase its service capacity.

In addition, the purchase enables the group to “monopolize new projects” and expand its customer base. Financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed. However, this move signifies Grupo Hidalgo’s strategic expansion within the food and beverage industry.

Furthermore, Grupo Hidalgo set up the Iberoelaborados business alongside VMR Group in 2014, acquiring it fully in 2019. Granja Gourmet, a part of Iberoelaborados, offers a range of marinated chicken and turkey cuts, grilled and roasted chicken strips, cocktail sausages, chicken and veggie meat patties, ready-to-eat chicken fajita fillings, and frozen turkey cutlets.

In line with the company’s expansion, it is crucial to mention that VMR, which was acquired by Dutch Plukon Food Group in 2020, also played a role in the development of Grupo Hidalgo. Moreover, Grupo Hidalgo, comprising Castilla Poultry Farms, Poultry Processing Center of Iscar, and Distributions Hidalgo, processes a variety of uncooked and cooked poultry, turkey, and rabbit products.

The company’s portfolio also includes the fresh chicken brands Abuela Beni and Hidalgo. Targeting retail and hospitality industries across the Castile and León and Madrid regions, Grupo Hidalgo’s products are distributed throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

As the company progresses, it is imperative to acknowledge its widespread presence and partnerships. Grupo Hidalgo’s expansion affects not only the food and drink business but also food and beverage industry trends across various regions.

Furthermore, the company’s plan to confirm how many new jobs the new facility will create and when it expects it to be operational align with its commitment to growth and progress within the food and drink consumer trends worldwide.

In conclusion, Grupo Hidalgo’s acquisition of a new poultry and turkey meats facility bolsters its position within the industry, and as it ventures into new territories, it will continue to play a key role in shaping the food and beverage industry trends.

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