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Carrefour confirms removal of PepsiCo products from its stores in Poland

Carrefour confirms removal of PepsiCo products from its stores in Poland Carrefour, PepsiCo Food and Beverage Business

In the wake of a pricing dispute with PepsiCo, Carrefour has removed the food and beverage giant’s products from its stores across Europe. The move was initially made in France in early January and has since spread to include Carrefour stores in Spain, Italy, and Belgium. This decision, part of the food and drink industry trends, is a strategic one for Carrefour, as it seeks to gain leverage in negotiations over product pricing.

PepsiCo has since responded to the boycott, stating that it has been in discussions with Carrefour on pricing for several months. However, Carrefour remains steadfast in its decision, with a spokesperson confirming that the company is limiting its cooperation with PepsiCo in the domestic Polish market.

In Poland, the ban on PepsiCo products extends to popular items such as Quaker Oats cereals. This decision has the potential to impact PepsiCo’s business, as Europe represents the largest geographical market for the company, with some of its most popular brands, including Lay’s and Doritos snacks.

E. Leclerc, another major retail player in France, has also announced its intent to pressure suppliers to lower prices. Despite these developments, E. Leclerc has not followed Carrefour’s example and continues to stock Pepsi products.

These developments are taking place against a backdrop of food-price inflation in Europe, with prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages showing modest increases. The pressure on suppliers and the pricing dispute with Carrefour come at a time when food prices have been rising at a higher rate than the overall economy in both France and Poland.

The business implications of these actions and trends are significant, affecting both retailers and food and beverage companies. As the industry continues to navigate these challenges and shifts, it is essential to stay informed about emerging trends and developments to gain a competitive edge in the food and drink business.

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