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Warning Issued for Fake Branded Chocolate Bars Due to Food Safety Concerns

Warning Issued for Fake Branded Chocolate Bars Due to Food Safety Concerns Authentication, Chocolate and confectionery ingredients, confectionery, Counterfeit, food fraud, food safety, Policy Food and Beverage Business

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has issued a warning to consumers about counterfeit chocolate bars branded as ‘Wonka Bars’ or ‘Prime’. These fake products pose potential food safety risks, as they may be manufactured or repackaged by unregistered or criminal entities, leading to lapses in hygiene, labelling, and traceability procedures.

Tina Potter, head of incidents at the FSA, emphasized the importance of avoiding fake branded chocolate due to the unknown ingredients and potential food safety risks, especially for individuals with food intolerances or allergies.

To ensure the purchase of authentic chocolate bars, the FSA advises consumers to buy from reputable sellers and seek additional information about the product before making a purchase. If in doubt, it is recommended to refrain from buying the product.

Furthermore, the warning comes after counterfeit Wonka chocolate bars were previously identified on the market. Ferrero, the owner of the Wonka brand, highlighted the importance of checking for official trademarks on the label to ensure the product’s authenticity and safety.

In the case of Prime-branded chocolate bars, consumers should be aware that the beverage brand does not produce any food items. Therefore, any Prime-branded foods found on the shelf are fake and potentially unsafe for consumption.

The FSA has urged local authorities to be vigilant and remove counterfeit products from sale, while also collaborating with Trading Standards to protect consumers from these fraudulent chocolates.

This warning underscores the importance of food safety and the need for vigilant measures to protect consumers from counterfeit food products. With food and beverage industry trends constantly evolving, it is crucial for authorities and consumers to stay informed and take proactive steps to ensure the safety and authenticity of food and drink products.

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