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New Honey-Flavoured Vodka Released by Absolut

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Absolut Hunni offers a unique twist on flavoured vodka, boasting a honey-infused taste without any added sugar. The brand touts its compatibility with lemonade, delivering a sweet and refreshing drink. The bold black and yellow striped design of the bottle is inspired by the distinctive markings of a honeybee.

Commercial director for Pernod Ricard UK, Ian Peart, emphasizes the significance of Absolut Hunni as the brand’s flagship product for 2024. He highlights its appeal to Flavoured Vodka enthusiasts, positioning it as a novel and enticing option for social gatherings, whether at home or in the On-Trade. The company has specifically crafted this addition to the Absolut range with lemonade in mind, aiming to simplify the process of enhancing at-home occasions.

Peart also notes the growing popularity of flavoured martinis in the On-Trade, citing them as the fifth most sought-after drink in the UK. The Absolut Hunni Lemondrop Martini is positioned as a well-balanced yet sweet and zesty option, ensuring that customers will be pleased with their choice at the bar.

Absolut Hunni is scheduled for release in both Off-Trade and On-Trade markets in April, featuring a 38% ABV and a recommended retail price of £22 for Off-Trade customers.

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