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Smurfit Kappa assists companies in intelligently adjusting their packaging and decreasing emissions

Smurfit Kappa assists companies in intelligently adjusting their packaging and decreasing emissions businesses, emissions, packaging, Smurfit Kappa Food and Beverage Business

Smurfit Kappa has recently unveiled its new SupplySmart digital solution, aimed at enabling businesses to strategically adapt their packaging and enhance efficiency while reducing emissions throughout their supply chains. The global packaging company’s tool has evolved to address the escalating complexities and uncertainties within the supply chain landscape, providing valuable insights derived from the analysis of over 100,000 supply chains to identify optimization opportunities across the entire supply chain.

One of the key features of SupplySmart is its digital twin capability, allowing businesses to test updated packaging in a simulated environment to mitigate risks prior to implementation. This has become increasingly important as companies strive to navigate supply chain disruptions and seek innovative packaging solutions.

For instance, Smurfit Kappa collaborated with leading German consumer goods company Henkel to develop a sustainable paper-based alternative for their dishwasher tablet pack. Through the use of SupplySmart, a digital model of Henkel’s supply chain was created, resulting in a 66% reduction in package volume and a remarkable 44% decrease in CO2 emissions during transport. The new packaging also offers ease of handling, storage, and full recyclability.

Marcel Daube, international packaging developer at Henkel’s Consumer Brands division, affirmed, “Smurfit Kappa’s SupplySmart solution has supported us in achieving a number of our key business objectives. It’s not just a change in design; it’s driving sustainability and efficiencies across our entire supply chain.”

Gérard van den Boogaard, Smurfit Kappa’s supply chain innovation director, emphasized the significance of the enhanced SupplySmart digital tool in addressing supply chain complexities and risks, while enabling businesses to meet sustainability goals and reduce costs. He added, “At Smurfit Kappa, we are creating packaging that delivers on a low-carbon, circular future.”

In today’s rapidly evolving market, businesses are increasingly seeking strategic management of their supply chains to address complexities and risks, while simultaneously reducing costs and meeting sustainability objectives. Smurfit Kappa’s new SupplySmart digital solution provides customers with a risk-free approach to realizing efficiency and improvements across their supply chain, enabling them to respond to market opportunities and drive sustainability.

“Food packaging” is a critical aspect of SupplySmart, as companies aim to develop sustainable and efficient packaging solutions to reduce waste, emissions, and overall environmental impact. This proactive approach aligns with Smurfit Kappa’s commitment to delivering sustainable packaging solutions for the future.

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