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SIG collaborates with MISTA to revolutionize the worldwide food system

SIG collaborates with MISTA to revolutionize the worldwide food system global food system, MISTA", partners, SIG, transform Food and Beverage Business

SIG recently became a member of MISTA, a food innovation platform based in San Francisco that brings together leading food, ingredient, and food tech companies from around the world. The collaboration officially began in November at the MISTA in Action event in San Francisco, where industry leaders gathered to discuss the transformation of the global food system into a more regenerative one.

MISTA aims to expedite the transformation of the food system to meet the demands of the future. By joining forces with MISTA, SIG aims to co-create next-generation innovation for the food and beverage industry, not only in terms of packaging but also in product development. This partnership provides SIG with access to a global cross-dimensional innovation platform, allowing for collaboration with experts across the food system, state-of-the-art development labs, and commercial kitchens to foster new food advancements.

Norman Gierow, director global customer marketing & positioning at SIG, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about the collaboration: “As we strive to provide End-2-End solutions for our customers, we also acknowledge the global challenges faced across the entire food and beverage industry. Being part of MISTA enables us to work together with other businesses and partners, looking for ways to catalyze unique innovations and regenerative solutions.”

MISTA focuses on six key forces (nodes) to address the global food system holistically, including digital, sustainable packaging, plant-based, nutrition, regenerative business, and biotech. SIG appreciates MISTA’s approach and looks forward to collaborating with members on areas such as climate, forest, resource, and food impact, with a primary focus on offering sustainable packaging expertise, regenerative business, and nutrition advice.

Scott May, founder & head of MISTA, expressed excitement about the partnership: “We are excited to have SIG as part of the MISTA network. SIG’s expertise and capabilities in aseptic filling and sustainable packaging solutions will enable members to bring new product concepts to life and co-create next-generation solutions.”

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