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Prince signs groundbreaking agreement to co-pack 250 million Capri-Sun juice pouches

Prince signs groundbreaking agreement to co-pack 250 million Capri-Sun juice pouches 250 million, Capri sun, co-fill, juice pouches, landmark deal, Princes Food and Beverage Business

Capri-Sun recently made the strategic decision to bring sales and distribution in-house, marking the end of a longstanding partnership with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP). This shift in operations is aimed at meeting the growing demand for their products.

To accommodate this increased demand, Princes will be taking over four production lines from CCEP and relocating them to their Bradford site. This move is expected to create approximately 50-60 new job opportunities. Production is scheduled to commence in autumn 2024, with full operational capacity expected by spring 2025.

As part of this transition, Princes will be co-packing two popular Capri-Sun formats: 200ml pouches with paper straws and 330ml pouches with a screw cap. Capri-Sun is also making sustainable packaging changes, moving towards recyclable pouches and introducing tethered caps to reduce packaging waste by 14%.

The Bradford site, which is the largest soft drinks production site in the UK for Princes Group, currently employs around 400 staff and runs eight production lines for various beverages. Andy Hargraves, the group commercial director for drinks at Princes, emphasized the significance of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on job creation in the local community.

Stefan Seiss of Capri-Sun Group expressed excitement about the collaboration with Princes and highlighted the coordinated efforts between both companies to ensure a seamless transition of production lines to the Bradford site. This partnership aims to support the continued growth of Capri-Sun in Great Britain.

Overall, this collaboration between Princes and Capri-Sun signifies a commitment to sustainability, quality, and growth in the food and drink industry. It represents a positive step towards a more sustainable future in food and drink packaging and showcases the importance of adapting to evolving consumer trends in the market.

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