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Vetropack’s lightweight, returnable glass bottle wins prestigious WorldStar Award

Vetropack's lightweight, returnable glass bottle wins prestigious WorldStar Award glass bottle, lightweight, Returnable, Vetropack, WorldStar Award Food and Beverage Business

The World Packaging Organisation has recognized Vetropack’s lightweight, returnable Echovai bottles with a prestigious WorldStar Award in the “Packaging Materials & Components” category. These innovative bottles have quickly gained popularity in the Austrian brewing industry after their successful debut at the Mohrenbrauerei brewery.

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has been honoring outstanding packaging innovations with the esteemed WorldStar Awards since 1970. In 2024, 435 packaging solutions from over 40 countries vied for recognition, with Vetropack’s Echovai bottles emerging as winners. These bottles are the world’s first thermally hardened, lightweight returnable glass bottles, crafted with a unique process developed by Vetropack.

Johann Reiter, CEO of Vetropack, expressed pride and gratitude for the exceptional work done by their Innovation Centre in perfecting the Echovai process. The lightweight glass bottles had already garnered accolades at the Swiss Packaging Awards before clinching the WorldStar Awards.

The collaboration between Vetropack and the Austrian Mohrenbrauerei bore fruit with a pilot project producing several million Echovai bottles. These 0.33-liter returnables are 30% lighter than standard returnable bottles, leading to significant logistics improvements and a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions per bottle. Additionally, the lightweight glass bottles boast superior durability and resistance to abrasion compared to traditional counterparts, impressing the WPO judges with their economic and ecological advantages.

Following the success of the pilot project, the Mohrenbrauerei has expanded the range of beers available in Echovai returnable bottles. Vetropack has enhanced the lightweight bottles to cater to a broader audience, making them a preferred environmentally friendly standard solution for the Austrian brewing industry. This move not only benefits the environment but also reduces CO2 emissions by utilizing returnable standard bottles that don’t need to be transported back to specific bottlers.

The introduction of Echovai returnable bottles has been a game-changer for the Austrian brewing industry, with the collaboration of Brau Union Österreich and other stakeholders in streamlining the bottle, crate, and pallet design for efficient logistics. This harmonized system has been seamlessly integrated, with Brau Union being the first to adopt Vetropack’s lightweight returnable standard bottles for filling “Gösser Biostoff Lager.”

In conclusion, the adoption of Echovai bottles signifies a positive step towards sustainability in the Austrian brewing industry, showcasing both innovation and environmental consciousness.

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