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Mummy Meegz chooses Parkside’s compostable packaging for Choccy Balls

Mummy Meegz chooses Parkside's compostable packaging for Choccy Balls Choccy Balls, compostable, Mummy Meegz, packaging, Parkside, supplies Food and Beverage Business

The pouches for Mummy Meegz’s Swiss Choccy Balls are designed with Parkside’s Park2Nature compostable material, which is TÜV-certified home compostable packaging. This means that the pack is guaranteed to break down into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide within 26 weeks in a regular domestic compost heap, and within 12 weeks in a composting facility.

The Park2Nature material, which constitutes the pack, is a paper-based triplex laminate that is made without polylactic acid (PLA), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other substances that could leak into the environment. Parkside’s sales account manager, Paul Lenihan, highlighted that the pack not only satisfies the needs of today’s consumer but also offers attention-grabbing shelf standout. Lenihan also expressed pride in delivering a pack that aligns with Mummy Meegz’s ethos.

Helen Hartley, managing director of Mummy Meegz, emphasized the importance of aligning the brand’s packaging with the company’s ethos. She stated, “We want to minimize any potential impact on animals and marine life throughout the full life cycle of our packaging, and Parkside’s sustainable solutions deliver that for us.”

The sustainable packaging solution offered by Parkside meets the company’s sustainability objectives and aligns with its brand identity, thus promoting food and drink sustainability. This, in turn, enhances the overall food and drink marketing strategy of Mummy Meegz, focusing on food and drink consumer trends.

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