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Berry Global collaborates with Kraft Hejson to launch the first ketchup cap that is 100% recyclable

Berry Global collaborates with Kraft Hejson to launch the first ketchup cap that is 100% recyclable Berry Global, cap, Ketchup, Kraft heinz, recyclable Food and Beverage Business

Kraft Heinz has recently launched its first 100% recyclable ketchup cap, marking a significant step towards more sustainable packaging solutions in the food industry. The move by Kraft Heinz Company demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in food packaging.

Previously, Heinz sauce bottles used a flexible silicone valve to deliver a consistent portion of sauce per squeeze, which posed challenges for recycling. However, in collaboration with Berry Global, Heinz has transitioned to a mono-material cap made of PP, ensuring it meets recyclability standards.

The development of the recyclable cap involved eight years, 45 prototypes, and over 185,000 hours of work to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and sustainability. Berry Global played a crucial role in the design and production process, from concept to the creation of the series tools in Berry’s in-house tool shop and the development of assembly equipment for industrial production.

Extensive testing and consumer surveys were conducted to ensure the cap met high-quality standards and consumer expectations. The new cap design not only delivers the perfect amount of sauce per squeeze but also enables consumers to extract more ketchup from nearly empty bottles, showcasing Berry’s holistic approach to improving cap performance and recyclability.

The switch to the recyclable cap has earned Kraft Heinz the Rigid Pack of the Year at the 2023 UK Packaging Awards, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable food packaging.

Matthias Hammersen, sales director at Berry Global, expressed satisfaction with the successful reconstruction of the cap design to make it 100% recyclable, exceeding initial expectations and enhancing the consumer experience.

The newly recyclable caps are now being introduced across the UK on 400ml and larger top-down bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, with plans for expansion to more Heinz sauces in the UK and Europe. Heinz estimates that this shift will prevent 300 million plastic lids from ending up in landfills globally every year.

President of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe, Jojo de Noronha, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability and its commitment to providing consumers with an easy way to recycle their entire squeezy bottle, making a significant impact with a small change.

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