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GEA introduces state-of-the-art industrial fryer for producing top-notch fried foods

GEA introduces state-of-the-art industrial fryer for producing top-notch fried foods fried foods, future, GEA, high-quality, industrial fryer Food and Beverage Business

GEA has announced the release of a new industrial fryer that establishes a significant leap in technology for high-quality fried foods. The ProFry fryer is designed with a focus on improving critical areas in the production process, including the introduction of a patented oil circulation and conditioning system.

Furthermore, the ProFry fryer integrates innovative features that prioritize data transparency and traceability to ensure the production of high-quality fried foods, such as meat, fish, vegetables, poultry, and tempura. This advanced control continually collects process data from various data points within the machine, setting new technology standards in the industry.

Luuc van Lankveld, GEA product owner frying, emphasizes that the ProFry fryer builds upon the success of its predecessor and leverages over 50 years of technological know-how and experience. “It achieves greater process control, improved hygiene, better productivity, enhanced product quality, and consistency. The possibility to collect much more data during the production process is an important step in the direction of artificial intelligence,” he adds.

One of the notable features of the ProFry fryer is its patented oil measurement system, which ensures high-quality cooking oil is fundamental to the frying process. This innovative system provides much better control of oil conditions and achieves up to 30% better oil flow compared to its predecessor.

The ProFry fryer also comes equipped with scrapers and filters to remove sediment from the oil, thereby preventing it from burning and maintaining high oil and product quality. In addition, the hood and kettle have been redesigned to be stronger, stress-resistant, and better insulated. These alterations optimize heat transfer to the oil, enabling lower thermal oil temperatures and lower boiler operating costs.

The industry-leading GEA SmartControl HMI enhances the production process and offers a simplified, personalized operator interface and insightful, easy-to-export data. Through a 21.5-inch multi-touch screen, operators have total process visibility and can make necessary adjustments to ensure consistent high product quality.

Overall, the GEA ProFry fryer represents a significant leap in the technology and design of industrial fryers, setting new standards for high-quality fried foods. With its innovative features and focus on data control and traceability, it is poised to revolutionize the food manufacturing industry.

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