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Quality Street Overtakes Celebrations as the Top Christmas Assortment in the UK

Quality Street Overtakes Celebrations as the Top Christmas Assortment in the UK Candy, chocolate, Christmas, confectionery, Retail & Shopper Insights, seasonal Food and Beverage Business

The food and beverage industry is always evolving to meet consumer demands, and staying on top of current trends is crucial for success. When it comes to the confectionery market, the battle between popular chocolate assortments continues to be a key topic in food and beverage industry trends.
According to a recent survey by MyVoucherCodes using YouGov data, Celebrations, with its popular miniature chocolates including Milky Way and Maltesers, has been voted as the favorite Christmas selection box by 21% of consumers. Quality Street, produced by Nestlé, closely followed in second place. Nestlé’s Quality Street has been on the market since 1936, and narrowly missed the top spot, with one-fifth of shoppers choosing it as their most loved chocolate assortment, demonstrating the enduring success of this product in the food and beverage industry.
Mars, the producer of Celebrations, faced criticism for “shrinkflation,” causing a 10g reduction in the size of the Galaxy chocolate bar despite a price increase. However, the survey reveals that shoppers have remained loyal to the brand, showcasing Mars’ resilience in the face of challenges in food manufacturing trends.
Rounding out the top four, Cadbury’s Heroes and Roses took third and fourth place with 20% and 15% of the votes, respectively, indicating their continued relevance in the food distribution trends.
Interestingly, the survey found that some respondents preferred non-traditional options, such as luxury Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, as well as Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat.
In terms of consumer trends in the food and beverage industry, the survey revealed that men preferred Quality Street, while women favored Celebrations. Additionally, older generations, including Generation X, baby boomers, and the ‘silent generation,’ all voted Quality Street as their favorite Christmas selection box, showcasing the lasting appeal of this classic product. On the other hand, Gen Z and millennials both selected Celebrations as their preferred chocolate assortment, with Heroes coming in second, highlighting the impact of generational differences on consumer preferences.
In light of these trends, Sarah-Jane Outten, a savings expert from MyVoucherCodes, emphasized the importance of seeking money-saving deals online when stocking up on sweet treats for the family or doing a pre-Christmas food shop. She recommended checking for vouchers or discount codes for favorite retailers to ensure cost-effective Christmas shopping, highlighting the significance of consumer behavior and marketing strategies in determining the success of food and drink products in the food and drink industry innovation.

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