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Lidl Introduces New Labeling System for Dairy Products to Reduce Food Waste

Lidl Introduces New Labeling System for Dairy Products to Reduce Food Waste dairy, food waste, Lidl, use by Food and Beverage Business

Lidl, a UK retailer, has announced that it will be replacing ‘Use By’ labels with ‘Best Before’ labels on its own brand milk and yoghurt products. This decision is part of the company’s efforts to minimize food waste. The change will first be seen on milk packaging in December 2023, followed by yoghurt packaging in early 2024.

By making this switch, Lidl aims to prevent perfectly edible food from being discarded, and to encourage customers to use their own judgement in determining the product’s freshness. According to the supermarket, milk and yoghurt that has been stored properly, and does not have a bad smell or appear lumpy, can still be safely consumed.

Richard Inglis, the head of buying at Lidl GB, states, “At Lidl, we know that a lot of perfectly good milk and yoghurt is being thrown away because of ‘Use By’ dates. It therefore makes total sense to us to make the switch to ‘Best Before’ so that shoppers can use their own judgement on whether their milk or yoghurt is good to consume.”

This decision aligns with Lidl’s ongoing commitment to reducing food waste and empowering households to make more informed choices. As Inglis adds, “We’ve got a long record of making positive change to reduce food waste, and this latest step builds on our commitment to helping households tackle food waste at home.”

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