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Mondelez’s legal action prompts Tony’s Chocolonely to change packaging

Mondelez's legal action prompts Tony’s Chocolonely to change packaging Mondelez International Food and Beverage Business

Mondelez has threatened legal action against Tony’s Chocolonely and demanded that they change the colour of their packaging in Germany. Due to claims made by Mondelez about Tony’s Chocolonely using the “distinctive Milka lilac colour”, Tony’s Chocolonely has complied with the legal action and removed all Swiss purple bars and images from the market. Tony’s Chocolonely said, “We’ve had to change our bar but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop raising awareness around the biggest problems in cocoa, which include lack of living income, child exploitation and deforestation.”

Despite this legal battle, Tony’s Chocolonely has continued to fight for fair wages for cocoa farmers, known as their “living income model”. This model has calculated that a farmer in Ghana should receive $2.10/kg of cocoa and a farmer in the Ivory Coast should get $2.20/kg of cocoa.

Tony’s Chocolonely has also faced similar opposition in the UK in 2021, and unnamed chocolate makers took steps to pressure retailers to remove bars that “lookalike” their own, due to association with claims of illegal labor in the chocolate industry.

Furthermore, Mondelez, along with other chocolate companies, has been criticized for their cocoa sourcing practices. An NGO called Ethical Consumer rated Mondelez and others as “inadequate” for issues such as low pay to cocoa farmers and allegations of child labor on plantations. Ethical Consumer also listed 11 chocolate manufacturers as “inadequate” and 15 as “adequate”, with Tony’s Chocolonely being included in the latter category, alongside other companies such as Moo Free and ’57 Chocolate.

In other news, Tony’s Chocolonely received additional funding through a €20m funding round, in which Belgian investor Verlinvest increased their stake in the company.

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