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Dole’s sale of its US fresh vegetable unit to Fresh Express has been cancelled.

Dole's sale of its US fresh vegetable unit to Fresh Express has been cancelled. Dole Food and Beverage Business

The cancellation of the sale of its fresh vegetables unit by Dole plc to Fresh Express, a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands International, highlights the challenges faced in the food and beverage industry. The deal, worth $293m, was terminated due to regulatory issues with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) pursuing litigation to prevent the transaction. Dole remains optimistic about finding an alternative path forward that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Just Food sought a statement from the DoJ regarding their decision. Chiquita Brands International, a key player in the industry, specializes in bananas and pineapples, while Fresh Express focuses on fresh vegetables and packaged salads. Dole plc, a result of the merger between Dole Food Co. and Total Produce, had a significant presence in the US market with revenue of $1.28bn from its fresh vegetable division.

The strategic move by Chiquita Holdings aims to enhance food safety and innovation in the produce industry, supporting the growth of healthier produce options for consumers across the USA. Despite the cancellation, Dole’s commitment to the industry and its stakeholders remains strong. There is anticipation for future developments in this evolving landscape.

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