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Bpacks introduces revolutionary 100% biodegradable packaging technology for plastic market

Bpacks introduces revolutionary 100% biodegradable packaging technology for plastic market bio packaging, Bpacks, launch, plastic, technology Food and Beverage Business

Bpacks, a sustainable packaging startup, recently introduced the world’s first bark-based packaging technology aimed at revolutionizing the packaging industry. This groundbreaking innovation seamlessly integrates with current equipment used in plastic rigid packaging production, making the transition to eco-packaging much smoother. This development holds particular significance as the European Union has mandated the switch to biodegradable packaging within the next five years according to their policy directives.

At Bpacks’ 300 square meters R&D center located in Belgrade, Serbia, the production of finished packaging and granules as substitutes for plastic pellets is made possible. The process of producing bark-based pellets closely mirrors that of polymers and does not require significant capital investments to begin molding, as it aligns with plastic production techniques.

The production process at Bpacks commences with compounding, proceeds to the creation of pellets or sheets, and culminates in the casting of solid packaging through methods such as injection molding or thermoforming techniques. The material is designed to fully decompose in moist soil within one to two months, unlike traditional biodegradable polymers such as PLA or PBAT which leave behind water and carbon dioxide in compost. Bark-based material decomposes into compost within a week in an active environment, adding valuable nutrients to the soil.

Mikhail Skalkin, co-founder and CEO of Bpacks, emphasized the advantage of their bio-based plastic substitute being compatible with existing plastic production equipment, eliminating the need for costly new machinery. This strategic approach helps address market penetration challenges commonly faced by sustainable packaging startups. Additionally, Bpacks’ packaging is 100% bio-based, with up to 75% of materials sourced from production waste, and uses pre-owned equipment to reduce CO2 emissions.

By primarily utilizing bark, a byproduct of wood production, Bpacks ensures that forest resources are conserved. Leveraging the estimated 300 to 400 million m3 of bark produced annually, the startup creates environmentally friendly packaging solutions that help address sustainability concerns. Furthermore, studies have shown the antimicrobial properties of bark extracts from various tree species, enhancing the functionality of Bpacks’ technology which emits up to six times fewer CO2 emissions than traditional plastic production methods.

Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Ph.D. scientists, Bpacks operates as a circular economy startup in Europe and the United Kingdom. With a strong background in M&A transactions involving large financial companies in Eastern Europe, CEO and co-founder Mikhail Skalkin brings valuable experience to the table. The team also includes Lev Bolshakov, with expertise in corporate finance and M&A, as well as Nikolay Semenov, Ph.D., an expert in polymer materials science leading R&D innovations alongside Aleksandra Nešić, Ph.D., who specializes in obtaining and characterizing active substances from plants and organic materials.

Backed by an international advisory board of reputable scientists like Professor Maximilian Lackner, Ph.D., a process chemist with numerous publications, Bpacks has positioned itself in the global packaging market valued at €1 trillion. As the sustainable packaging sector gains momentum with a value of $285.3 billion, Bpacks aims to tap into the $348.1 billion companies spend annually on plastic-based products by offering biodegradable, compostable, returnable, and even edible sustainable packaging solutions. The emergence of novel materials and circular economy ventures provides a fertile ground for innovative packaging solutions and green technologies.

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