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Passion Fruit Martini gets a chic makeover

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Martini enthusiasts tired of the repetitive recipes found in canned cocktails can now rejoice, as the timeless Passion Fruit Martini has received a modern twist courtesy of Mixtons.

So, what exactly is a Mixtons makeover? It involves adding a unique and original spin to a classic cocktail, creating a refreshing take on iconic drinks without the hassle of making them from scratch.

Inspired by the joy of outdoor gatherings with friends, Mixtons was founded by a group of individuals who are passionate about festivals, travel, and enjoying great drinks. The brand aims to bring unexpected joy to the world, starting with their cocktails, which are cleverly crafted to please any crowd.

One of Mixtons’ standout creations is the Guilty Passion, a succulent and tropical variation of the beloved vodka cocktail. This blend features premium vodka, generous amounts of passion fruit, and bursts of mango and lychee, infusing a delightful tropical flair into every sip.

Perfect for a house party, a cozy date night, or a dinner get-together with friends, Mixtons can be conveniently stored in the fridge and enjoyed chilled.

As Mixtons aptly puts it, “Goodbye Old Fashioned: it is time to sip on something out of the ordinary.”

For more information on Mixtons and their innovative cocktail offerings, visit their website.

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