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Lunchtime Offer: Experience New, Award-Winning Flavours from Heartsease Farm

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Heartsease Farm, the award-winning premium sparkling pressé range, is proud to announce the introduction of two new flavors at this year’s lunch! at ExCeL in London. The brand-new additions, Apple & Rhubarb and Apple & Pear, are set to captivate taste buds with their tantalizing blends.

Apple & Rhubarb combines the crisp sweetness of handpicked British apples with a sharp tang of rhubarb, expertly crafted using Radnorshire spring water. On the other hand, Apple & Pear celebrates the magnificence of British orchards by seamlessly combining two of the nation’s most adored fruits to create a delicate and exquisite pressé.

Heartsease Farm, produced in Wales by Radnor Hills, one of the UK’s leading soft drinks manufacturers, prides itself on utilizing only the finest ingredients sourced from the pristine countryside. Each refreshing drink is expertly blended with Radnor’s own pure spring water, extracted from boreholes situated just moments away from the production line.

Available to stockists across the UK, Heartsease Farm caters to a variety of preferences with its range of sizes and formats (330ml cans RRP £1.69/330ml glass bottle RRP £1.99/750ml glass bottle RRP £2.99). These drinks truly encapsulate the essence of the farm’s rich heritage and the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional and nuanced flavors, ranging from zesty and invigorating to fruity and floral.

Aside from being enjoyed on their own, Heartsease Farm pressés lend themselves seamlessly to be incorporated into your favorite cocktails, adding a touch of effervescence to your drink. The range includes other tantalizing flavors such as Sparkling British Raspberry Lemonade, Sparkling Traditional Lemonade, and Sparkling Fiery Ginger Beer, all of which have earned prestigious Great Taste Awards. Additionally, the Sparkling Wild Elderflower has been honored with a Great British Food Award.

Holly Sparrow, marketing executive for Heartsease Farm, expressed her excitement about the upcoming lunch! event, stating, “It is with great pleasure that we present our exceptional products at this distinguished event. Visitors can anticipate a taste of Wales at our splendid stand, where they will have the opportunity to sample our drinks, learn about our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability, and gain insight into our meticulous process of utilizing pure Welsh spring water, sourced just minutes away from our bottling lines.”

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