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Dust-Free Feeding of Vacuum Lines Achieved with Flexicon Bulk Bag Discharger

Dust-Free Feeding of Vacuum Lines Achieved with Flexicon Bulk Bag Discharger bulk bag discharger, dust-free, feeds vacuum lines, Flexicon Food and Beverage Business

The Flexicon BFF Series Bulk Bag Discharger is a revolutionary solution for the food manufacturing industry. It ensures dust-free operations and prevents contamination while connecting bag spouts and feeding material into vacuum conveying lines.

Featuring a removable bag-lifting frame, this discharger allows rapid insertion of bag straps into Z-Clip holders. The ergonomic design allows for ease of use, as operators can perform the task from a standing position at an optimal height. Once the bag straps are secured in the holders, the suspended bag is lifted into top-mounted cradle cups.

With a Spout-Lock clamp ring and a pneumatically-actuated Tele-Tube telescoping tube, the discharger effectively connects the clean side of the spout to the clean side of the equipment. This not only maintains steady downward tension on the bag as it empties and elongates, but also promotes smooth material flow without any dust emissions.

To further ensure complete evacuation of materials, the discharger is equipped with Flow-Flexer bag activators. These activators raise and lower the bottom edges of the bag at timed intervals, loosening compacted materials and creating a steep “V” shape for efficient material flow.

The unit also features an enclosed hopper that charges a Non-Flow-Through pick-up adapter, which feeds vacuum conveyor lines. Additionally, there is an option to include a Rotary Airlock Valve with a Flow-Through pick-up adapter for controlled metering into pressure and vacuum systems. Spring-loaded Pop-Top frame posts are available to raise the cradle cups and stretch the bag as it lightens, further promoting smooth flow.

Constructed of high-quality carbon steel with a durable industrial finish, the Flexicon BFF Series Bulk Bag Discharger ensures longevity and reliable performance. For applications requiring sanitary standards, a stainless steel finish is also available. Flexicon offers other configurations of bulk bag dischargers, as well as a wide range of bulk handling systems and equipment.


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