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Tetra Pak & Lactogal Reduce Carbon Footprint of Aseptic Milk Cartons by 33%

Tetra Pak & Lactogal Reduce Carbon Footprint of Aseptic Milk Cartons by 33% aseptic cartons, carbon footprint, Lactogal, milk, Tetra Pak Food and Beverage Business

Lactogal, a Portuguese food products company, is committed to sustainability in food and drink packaging. It focuses on dairy products, milk, fruit juice, and mineral water.

The recent collaboration with Tetra Pak has resulted in the launch of the Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 Slim Leaf carton with paper-based barrier. This innovative package can be distributed under ambient conditions and boasts a remarkable 90% renewable content mark.

As part of a large-scale technology validation, around 25 million of these packages are currently being tested in Portugal. Made of approximately 80% paperboard, this new package increases the renewable content to 90% and reduces its carbon footprint by one third. The Carbon Trust has also certified it as Carbon Neutral.

Lactogal president, José Capela, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are both focused on an ambitious sustainability transformation, and this new carton’s 33% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, together with its Carbon Neutral certification by the Carbon Trust, is a significant achievement towards this goal.”

Ola Elmqvist, executive vice president of packaging solutions at Tetra Pak, added, “The development represents a critical marker in our longstanding work to design beverage cartons for recycling, continuing to set the pace for the paperization of packaging. By joining forces with Lactogal, we’re now demonstrating that it’s possible to progress the sustainability of aseptic beverage cartons while securing food safety and enhancing food access.”

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