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Elopak’s Latest Investment Boosts Global Expansion

Elopak's Latest Investment Boosts Global Expansion Elopak, global growth, invests Food and Beverage Business

Elopak, a leading carton and machinery company, is making significant investments to expand its market share. The company, known as the world’s largest fresh liquid carton supplier, is reaping the benefits of its technological advancements at its Terneuzen, Netherlands facility, which opened in 2023 and is the company’s largest manufacturing plant globally.

The Terneuzen plant offers a range of services including repro design, platemaking, converting, sealing, packaging, and logistics. With 440 employees working in five shift operations, the plant produces cartons for fresh, hot fill, aseptic, and UHT products. Prior to the opening of the new plant, Elopak operated three warehouses, resulting in goods being transported between sites. However, the new single facility has maintained the same level of output and volume as the previous three sites.

Elopak is a comprehensive provider of carton packaging solutions, offering a variety of aseptic filling machines for ambient and chilled distribution. The company also provides maintenance, spare parts, upgrades, and retrofit services. Producing 16 different volume sizes ranging from ¼ litre to two litres, Elopak also offers 15 different opening features including easy opening.

The plant manager, Peter Lernout, highlighted the efficiency improvements brought about by the fully automated highbay warehouse at the Terneuzen facility. The new warehouse has significantly increased storage capacity and streamlined the storage and handling processes, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved efficiency.

Elopak’s commitment to sustainable growth is evident in its recent innovations, such as the development of renewable polymer layers for its Pure-Pak fresh cartons. These renewable cartons are made from secondary feedstock, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. The company has also been expanding into new geographical markets, aiming to provide low-carbon, naturally sustainable cartons to more customers around the world.

Looking towards the future, Elopak is focused on geographic expansion, with new operations in MENA, India, and an upcoming plant in the USA. These strategic moves align with the company’s goal of bringing naturally sustainable, low-carbon cartons to more markets and customers. With strong financial results in recent years and a projected revenue well above their organic growth target, Elopak is poised for continued success in the food and drink packaging industry.

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