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Dymapak Establishes ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin’ as the Go-To Industry Standard for Functional and Sustainable Packaging

Dymapak Establishes 'Squeeze and Turn Tin' as the Go-To Industry Standard for Functional and Sustainable Packaging Dymapak, functional, industry standard, packaging, Squeeze and Turn Tin, sustainable Food and Beverage Business

Dymapak, a leading global manufacturer of child-resistant packaging solutions designed for a variety of applications and industries, has recently launched its revolutionary ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin.’ This new packaging solution, made from 100% curbside recyclable materials, aims to provide convenience, freshness, and sustainability.

The ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin’ stands out among the current industry standard due to its airtight seal and metal-on-metal construction, which helps keep products fresher for longer. Moreover, the proprietary mechanism of the tin harmonizes with the natural attributes of steel and offers audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing, assuring consumers that their package is securely sealed.

While the tin is designed to be child-resistant, it also prioritizes accessibility for elderly or arthritic consumers who may face challenges opening traditional all-metal child-resistant packaging. Its user-friendly design and simplicity overcome these difficulties.

This 100% curbside recyclable design presents a significant opportunity to reduce the environmental impact caused by billions of plastic child-resistant closures that are discarded annually. By replacing these closures with the ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin,’ Dymapak aims to contribute towards mitigating the growing waste problem.

Ross Kirsh, CEO of Dymapak, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, easy-to-use packaging solutions that address the plastic waste issue. He affirms, “We are thrilled to share our new proprietary tin with companies seeking safe, simple, and sustainable packaging alternatives.”

James Stephenson, CEO of New York-based wellness brand Ohho, expresses his trust in Dymapak’s consistent delivery of custom packaging solutions. He eagerly anticipates trying the ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin,’ as it meets customer demands for easier package opening, product freshness, degradation prevention, and compliance with safety regulations. Stephenson looks forward to strengthening the partnership with Dymapak as they continue to innovate in packaging solutions.

The ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin’ has undergone submission for child-resistant testing and will be evaluated in accordance with CPSC standards and protocol. This evaluation ensures the tin meets the requirements of a Poison Prevention Package, as defined in CPSC 16 CFR 1700.

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