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CJ Biomaterials Introduces New Eco-Friendly Noodle Cup with Patented PHA Technology

CJ Biomaterials Introduces New Eco-Friendly Noodle Cup with Patented PHA Technology Bio-based, Food and Drink, food and drink packaging, Food packaging, packaging, sustainable, sustainable packaging Food and Beverage Business

CJ Biomaterials, Inc., a division of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang and a primary producer of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers, has announced that its patented PHA technology is now being used in the production of a new noodle cup sold at South Korea’s leading convenience store chain, CU. This innovative, eco-friendly noodle cup is the first of its kind in the country. By integrating CJ Biomaterials’ PHA technology into the cups’ inner coating, they are now biodegradable and compostable, thus reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the environment.

In 2023, CJ Biomaterials developed microwavable paper coating technology by combining its patented PHA with PLA. This paper coating solution increases bio-based content, reducing petroleum-based plastic use without compromising the function and quality of the paper cup. Through CJ Biomaterials’ partnership with CU, the coating technology will be used on the convenience store’s popular New Today’s Chicken Noodle cup packaging.

Max Senechal, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at CJ Biomaterials, states that “Using PHA with PLA can enhance the processibility of PLA by providing flexibility and allowing more stable use across a wide range of temperatures. It also exhibits good oil barrier properties, surpassing conventional polypropylene coating while providing a 100% biobased solution. Through this partnership with CU, we are not only contributing to the creation of eco-friendly packaging, but also demonstrating the practicality and affordability of sustainable alternatives. This marks a significant step toward reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener, more environmentally responsible future.”

CJ Biomaterials’ PHA biopolymers are derived from nature and produced sustainably. They can be used as building blocks to replace and improve the functional characteristics of a broad range of polymers in the production of finished goods or as starting points for sustainable chemistry. PHAs work well as modifiers to other polymers or biopolymers and can increase bio-based content, accelerate biodegradation, and improve the functional properties of resins and finished products. CJ Biomaterials is committed to impactful action delivering eco-friendly solutions with its extensive PHA technology platform and is one of the few companies capable of mass-producing PHA.

CJ Biomaterials continues to expand its applications of PHA technology, developing solutions for food and beverage packaging, food serviceware, fibers and nonwovens, consumer goods, agriculture and horticulture, and 3D printing filament. Over the past year, the company has collaborated with various companies to broaden the use of PHA in multiple markets and applications, and has also won the German 2023 Red Dot Design Award for the PHA Head-Up Toothbrush, developed in partnership with eco-friendly design specialist, Revelop.

For more information on CJ Biomaterials, its PHA technology, and how to partner with the organization to develop solutions that will help to address the plastic waste challenge, visit

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