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Tom Snick steps down as CEO of Guylian

Tom Snick steps down as CEO of Guylian Guylian Food and Beverage Business

In the realm of the food and beverage industry, Belgium-based chocolatier Guylian finds itself in a state of transition as CEO Tom Snick departs after a three-year tenure. Snick, whose previous experience includes stints at Barilla, Yoplait, and Unilever, was tasked with instigating a “thorough modernisation” upon his arrival in 2021.

According to a social media post by Snick, his time at Guylian was characterized by intensity and joy, as he focused on a reinvigoration of the brand, including the introduction of 100% Fairtrade chocolate and a reduction in the company’s ecological footprint.

While the specifics of Snick’s departure remain unclear, Kevin Lee, managing director at Guylian, confirms that all options are under consideration by headquarters for the company’s next steps. Despite the challenges faced, Snick expresses confidence in the company’s future, citing successful rebranding efforts and the establishment of a solid foundation for growth.

Established in 1958 by Guy Foubert, Guylian is now under the ownership of South Korea’s Lotte Confectionery, with a turnover of EUR70m in 2021. With a strong presence across four continents and more than 100 countries, Guylian remains a key player in the global chocolate market.

As Guylian navigates this period of change, it stands poised to build upon its rich history and embrace new opportunities for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving food and beverage landscape.