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The Morato Group of Italy acquires majority share of gluten-free Massimo Zero

The Morato Group of Italy acquires majority share of gluten-free Massimo Zero Bakery and Cereal, Shelf-stable Food and Beverage Business

The acquisition of a majority stake in gluten-free manufacturer Massimo Zero by Italian baked goods company Morato Group is a significant move in the food and beverage industry. The details of the transaction have not been disclosed. This deal means Morato Group is now the principal shareholder in Massimo Zero, taking over from the private holding group Botzen Invest Euregio Finance. The company now holds a 51% share in Massimo Zero, with the private holding group retaining a 45% stake. Morato’s gluten-free arm Nt Food will take over the strategic management and commercial strategy at Massimo Zero, as the company looks to realize the food and drink consumer trends associated with gluten-free products.

This is an example of the ongoing activity in the food and drink business, as companies continue to seek out opportunities for growth and expansion. The transaction also follows Morato Group’s acquisition of Nt Food in 2022, signaling a broader strategy of developing a comprehensive portfolio of products in the gluten-free segment. The company now has five gluten-free factories in Italy, including Massimo Zero’s plant in the northern region of Alto Adigeo, showing their commitment to delivering high-quality gluten-free products. Additionally, Morato Group owns a total of 21 production facilities across the European region, positioning the company as a leader in the food and beverage industry.

The acquisition has been met with positive remarks from Morato Group’s CEO, Stefano Maza, who highlighted the potential for growth in the health segment. The group’s commitment to consumer requests and partnerships underscores the company’s strong corporate vision. The addition of Massimo Zero’s gluten-free pastas and breadcrumbs expands Morato Group’s product offerings and consumer reach, aligning with food and beverage industry trends.

Nicoletta Del Carlo, GM at Nt Food, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, emphasizing the alignment of visions between the two companies and the potential for innovation. This demonstrates the strategic value of the acquisition and the mutual benefits for both companies involved. The acquisition and the subsequent integration of Massimo Zero into Morato Group’s operations emphasize the focus on quality, consumer satisfaction, and collaborative growth within the food and beverage industry.

In previous years, Morato Group has made strategic investments in production facilities, furthering its operational and manufacturing capabilities. The acquisition of Massimo Zero represents a continuation of this approach and reaffirms the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in the gluten-free segment. This reflects the broader trend of companies seeking to capitalize on food and beverage industry trends and meet the evolving demands of consumers.

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