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Starfrost launches new cost comparison service to help people transition from costly cryogenic freezing

Starfrost launches new cost comparison service to help people transition from costly cryogenic freezing cost comparison, cryogenic freezing, Service, Starfrost, transition Food and Beverage Business

Starfrost, an industry leader in freezing and chilling technology, has announced the launch of an energy comparison service designed to assist frozen and chilled food manufacturers in effectively managing the ongoing rise in gas costs.

This valuable tool helps food processors assess the shift from expensive cryogenic to more affordable mechanical freezing, offering a potential return on investment within one to two years. Starfrost is offering a comprehensive analysis of operating costs associated with mechanical and cryogenic freezing technologies, allowing processors to evaluate the financial implications of each option. This service is available to both newcomers entering the industry and established food processors contemplating an upgrade from their current cryogenic freezers.

According to Samuel Welch, UK sales manager at Starfrost, “Our energy comparison service equips businesses with the essential insights needed to optimize their freezing and chilling processes and sheds light on real costs and payback returns. For example, the operating costs per kilo of finished product for mechanical freezing are notably 85-90% lower than those incurred with nitrogen cryogenics, an astonishing reduction.”

Starfrost’s experts are able to accurately compare the costs of mechanical and cryogenic freezing processes, considering factors such as gas prices, long-term agreements, and market volatility. By leveraging this data, processors can gain valuable insights into the potential savings and return on investment associated with the different freezing technologies.

To showcase the effectiveness of this service, Starfrost recently collaborated with a prominent UK seafood processor. By investing in a mechanical spiral freezer and utilizing the energy comparison service, the food manufacturer achieved substantial annual cost savings of £624,071 (based on 50 weeks of production, processing 1000kg per hour of seafood products). The return on investment for this customer will be achieved in just over one year when compared to the operating costs of their previously used cryogenic freezer.

Starfrost’s energy comparison service is now available to food manufacturers seeking to enhance their freezing and chilling capabilities. By equipping food processors with the necessary insights, Starfrost helps them overcome rising energy costs and enhance their profitability. This comprehensive service reflects Starfrost’s commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the food manufacturing industry.

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