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Lactalis Plans to Invest €160m in Italy by 2025 in Strategic Move

Lactalis Plans to Invest €160m in Italy by 2025 in Strategic Move Lactalis Food and Beverage Business

Lactalis is set to invest a total of €160m ($172m) in its Italian operations in the two years until the end of 2024. This move is aimed at solidifying the company’s footprint in this “strategic country” and to ensure its competitiveness in the food and beverage industry trends. Transitioning into the future, the French dairy giant has designated the European country as a crucial part of its business strategy.

“As a leader in the sector, we have the responsibility not only to continue to invest, but also to network and identify paths shared by the various players in the sector, which can support Italian dairy products at home, through an increasing focus on sustainability, and abroad, through the enhancement of our local specialties,” stated Giovanni Pomella, CEO of Lactalis’ business in Italy.

The recent investments in Italy have been integrated with various strategic goals including food safety, employee health, environmental impact reduction, operational complexity reduction, and the increase in production capacity. The company aims to ensure that its operations are modernized and sustainable in the ever-evolving food and drink consumer trends landscape.

Earlier this year, the French group was criticized for “unfair” trading practices in milk procurement by Italy’s principal farmers’ association Coldiretti. This shows the challenge companies face to maintain integrity and build trust in their business practices in today’s global food and drink business environment.

Moreover, in 2023, Lactalis invested €64m in Italy and plans to allocate an additional €70m in 2024. This investment is intended for research and development, logistics and supply chain activities, as well as maintenance and modernization of the factories.

In conclusion, Lactalis is committed to continuous investment and modernization of its Italian operations as it endeavors to solidify its footprint in the food and beverage industry landscape. This reflects the company’s dedication to being at the forefront of industry trends and ensuring high standards in its operations.

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