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Biotiful, a Kefir brand, expands beyond dairy as sales continue to grow

Biotiful, a Kefir brand, expands beyond dairy as sales continue to grow Dairy & Soy Food, Shelf-stable Food and Beverage Business

As Biotiful Gut Health seeks to boost volume momentum, the UK-based branded kefir manufacturer is expanding into non-dairy with the aim of capitalizing on food and beverage industry trends. The company, founded in 2012 as Biotiful, has recently transitioned to Biotiful Gut Health to emphasize its position within a market category that is “starting to become a macro-trend.”

In January, the company ventured into the ambient sector with the launch of a new range of prebiotic and fiber-rich Meal Boosters. Market testing is currently underway through direct-to-consumer channels before a wider retail rollout. While the new expansion aims to provide a fillip, it does not detract from the fact that kefir remains the key growth driver for Biotiful Gut Health. The company’s marketing chief Vince Lawson emphasized that kefir volumes are still holding up amid challenges faced by consumers in purchasing premium products.

Quoting the UK kefir category as worth around £81m ($102m) and growing at approximately 30% annually, Lawson maintains that Biotiful Gut Health is the “number one kefir brand” in the country. Positioned as a leader in the segment, the company has also expanded its presence in international markets, including France, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

With the growing understanding of the gut-health category, Biotiful Gut Health is focused on further international expansion. Additionally, as the company acknowledges the economic pressures on household budgets, it is prioritizing the offering of quality products at accessible price points, aligning with food and drink consumer trends.

Although new to the market, the vitamin-fortified Meal Boosters are expected to contribute significantly. However, the core business remains rooted in kefir and dairy products. The company is poised for continued growth and sees substantial opportunities within the ambient food and beverage space.

As the company looks to maintain its competitive edge in a dynamic market, its focus remains on providing products of the highest quality, recognizing the importance of blending taste, health, and natural ingredients. Oliver also noted that “Ultimately, when it comes to the economic environment at the moment, we are very conscious that we need to provide products that are the highest quality, whilst being healthy and natural. And combining that with taste because consumers are looking for products that deliver on both but also at an accessible price point,”

Overall, as Biotiful Gut Health maintains its position as a market leader in kefir and expands into non-dairy offerings, its continued emphasis on consumer trends and product quality positions it for sustained growth and success in the food and beverage industry.

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