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Walkers offers non-HFSS, low-calorie multipacks for health-conscious snackers

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Walkers is launching a new multipack range from Wotsits and Monster Munch to meet the growing demand for smarter snacking options. The three-product range, under the ‘Yummy With’ platform, is made with chickpea to provide a good source of fiber and boasts 25% less salt than the average extruded snack, with each packet containing fewer than 100 calories.

The range includes Wotsits Cheese Toastie, Wotsits Crispy Bacon, and Monster Munch BBQ Sauce, available across grocery, wholesale, and convenience channels. The Monster Munch BBQ Sauce SKU comes in multipacks of 6x16g, while the Wotsits Cheese Toastie and Wotsits Crispy Bacon SKUs come in multipacks of 6x12g, all priced at £2. This launch is part of an extensive marketing campaign that spans TV, social media, digital platforms, consumer PR, and shopper activations.

Walkers reports that nearly half of UK households have purchased Walkers Snacks in the past year, with Wotsits and Monster Munch showing significant growth in value and volume. The strong performance of existing products and the brand’s reputation have paved the way for the introduction of the ‘Yummy With’ range.

Phoebe Chapman, senior brand manager at Walkers Snacks, underscores the importance of offering smarter snacking options without compromising on taste. The ‘Yummy With’ range has been carefully crafted to deliver on both health and flavor, appealing to discerning consumers looking for guilt-free indulgence.

The ‘Yummy With’ range aligns with Walkers’ commitment to have 50% of snack sales come from non-HFSS products or those sold in portions of 100 calories or less by 2025, in line with PepsiCo’s health and sustainability plan, PepsiCo Positive (pep+). This initiative aims to provide retailers with an opportunity to enhance their product offerings, increase sales, and cater to evolving consumer preferences for healthier snacks.

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