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Blue Elephant Introduces New Premium Range of Authentic Thai Flavours for the UK Market

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Blue Elephant, a brand renowned for its heritage and expertise in Thai cuisine, as well as previously having a restaurant in London, has announced the widespread availability of its premium products in the UK.

With over 100 products available, the brand sees this move as a significant milestone in making authentic Thai flavours accessible to a wider audience.

Highlights of Blue Elephant’s range, including the Pad Thai Cooking Set (300g), Green Curry Paste (available in a 70g pouch and 110g and 220g jars), Red Curry Cooking Set (95g), Yellow Curry Cooking Sauce (300g), and Coconut Cream tin (available in 165ml and 400ml tins), have been crafted to embody the essence of Thai cooking.

Sunita Vitale, the UK distributor for Blue Elephant, notes that the commitment to authenticity and quality fits with an increasing demand for genuine Thai cuisine among UK consumers.

“Blue Elephant is not just a brand; it’s a cultural ambassador, bringing a piece of Thailand to every kitchen in the UK. It’s a perfect brand for retailers to stock given its authenticity and proven track record,” Vitale states.

Blue Elephant’s cooking kits are an invitation to the vibrant world of Thai cuisine, designed for both novices and seasoned cooks. Each kit comes with simple, step-by-step instructions, accompanied by vivid images that guide you through the cooking process. The visual aids ensure that even the most intricate Thai recipes become approachable and enjoyable to make, promising a delightful and flavour-packed meal every time.

Under the guidance of Chef Nooror, Blue Elephant continues to promote Thai gastronomy globally. A collaboration with local Thai initiatives like the Royal Thai Projects, an initiative focused on improving the living conditions of hill-tribe people as well as educating on crop regeneration and sustainable farming, demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices and premium quality.

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