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Lidl GB expands use of ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ to include fresh meat products

Lidl GB expands use of 'Prevented Ocean Plastic' to include fresh meat products fresh meat ranges, GB, Lidl, Prevented Ocean Plastic Food and Beverage Business

Lidl, the discount retailer, has announced a new sustainable packaging initiative for its sausages. The 400g and XXL 667g Deluxe sausages will now come in trays containing a minimum of 30% prevented ocean plastic. This packaging, known as POP packaging, is the result of a collaboration with Bantam Materials and is made from discarded water bottles found in Southeast Asia. The waste is collected from within 30 miles of coastlines or major waterways that feed into the ocean, then sorted and processed before being used in the packaging.

The entire process is fully traceable, with a documented chain of accountability to ensure transparency. Lidl is proud to have prevented the equivalent of over 15 million plastic water bottles from entering the ocean through its use of Prevented Ocean Plastic packaging. Amali Bunter, Lidl GB’s head of responsible sourcing and ethical trade, expressed the company’s commitment to continuing its efforts to tackle the detrimental impact of plastic waste.

This innovative approach to sustainable packaging aligns with food and drink sustainability initiatives and consumer trends. Lidl’s use of Prevented Ocean Plastic demonstrates a dedication to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices in the food and drink industry.

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