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Ishida Introduces High-Speed X-Ray Inspection System for Flow Wrapped Packs on Packing Lines

Ishida Introduces High-Speed X-Ray Inspection System for Flow Wrapped Packs on Packing Lines food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Machinery Food and Beverage Business

Overcoming the challenge of carrying out comprehensive foreign body and quality checks on small lightweight flow wrapped confectionery and bakery packs on high-speed packing lines is now possible with Ishida’s latest X-ray inspection system.

The new Ishida IX-EN-2493-Compact introduces an ultra-compact design that seamlessly integrates into existing lines, reaching speeds of up to 120 metres per minute – twice the speed of standard X-ray inspection systems.

One of the key features enabling these high speeds is the unique split conveyor design of the IX-EN-2493-Compact. Unlike traditional systems, this design raises the curtains above the conveyor to prevent interference with lightweight flow wrapped packs, reducing the risk of product jams.

The X-ray beam is projected through the packs as they pass over the gap in the conveyor, where it is captured within metal plates to contain any emissions within the machine.

Glen Oxborough, Quality Inspection Control Sales Specialist at Ishida Europe, explains, “Our new compact X-ray inspection system allows manufacturers to inspect primary packs at fast line speeds, eliminating the need for secondary packaging inspection, which could result in unnecessary product and packaging waste.”

The IX-EN-2493-Compact is equipped with Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology for greater sensitivity to specific foreign bodies and quality issues, ensuring reliable detection of various materials and defects.

Featuring two separate bins for foreign bodies and quality issues, easily accessible from one side of the conveyor, this design simplifies operation and minimizes the machine’s footprint for seamless integration into packing lines.

“Food quality and safety are crucial factors that can impact brand image and consumer loyalty,” says Glen Oxborough.

“With our new IX-EN-2493-Compact, manufacturers can rest assured that their products are inspected at primary packaging stage, even at high speeds typical of flow wrappers.”

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