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Collaborative Breakthrough: Emsur and Upfield Create Greaseproof Paper Lid

Collaborative Breakthrough: Emsur and Upfield Create Greaseproof Paper Lid breakthrough, Collaborative, Emsur, greaseproof paper, lid", Upfield Food and Beverage Business

Emsur has recently introduced a groundbreaking grease-proof paper that represents a “revolutionary advancement” in food packaging solutions for Upfield’s plant butters and spreads. This new product is a precision-engineered lid developed at Innotech, the open innovation center of Grupo Lantero, to complement Upfield’s innovative packaging solutions.

Seamlessly integrated into brand-new Upfield paper-based packaging alongside some of Upfield’s most iconic brands, the grease-proof lid was first launched in Austria on Flora Plant in late 2023. This lid serves as a viable alternative to the conventional aluminum (ALU) standard prevalent in the market, ensuring the product’s protection throughout the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, the paper-based nature of the packaging guarantees environmentally friendly disposal in paper bins. Upfield has also announced the world’s first plastic-free, recyclable tub for its plant butters and spreads, signifying the initiation of Upfield’s shift toward a paper-based solution across its portfolio.

The paper tubs, developed from compressed wet paper fibers, boast waterproof, oil-proof qualities and are recyclable within local paper waste streams. Emsur’s general manager, José Herráez emphasized the importance of close collaboration with customers to fully understand their needs and provide the most efficient solutions.

Highlighting the significance of Emsur’s grease-proof paper lid in making the tub a fully sustainable material, Álvaro Bernad, chief innovation officer at Grupo Lantero, emphasized its positive impact on environmentally friendly packaging.

Walter Turci, Innotech director, stated that the lid ensures similar performance in packaging machines for food producers and an enhanced product experience for end-customers. This new paper solution marks a true milestone for sustainable food packaging.

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