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Matr Foods plans to increase alt-meat production with new factory expansion

Matr Foods plans to increase alt-meat production with new factory expansion meat alternatives, Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Beverage Business Matr

Matr Foods, a meat-alternative start-up in Denmark, is aiming to scale up its production volumes with a new facility within the next two years. Founded in 2021 by CEO Randi Wahlsten and three other co-founders, the company currently operates out of a pilot factory in Denmark, producing around 30-40 tonnes of products annually. Using a fungi-based fermentation process, Matr Foods offers a range of burgers and mince, primarily sold in the out-of-home channel in Denmark and through online retailer Nemling. The company recently secured funding from Novo Holdings to expand its production capacity and enhance automation.

“We are looking to give ourselves the ability to take a very significant step-change that is about 100 times up the volume that we’re producing right now,” said Wahlsten. With plans to test consumer appetite and aim for significant volumes in 2026 with a new facility, Matr Foods is also considering expansion into other European markets beyond Denmark.

Denmark, though not the most progressive in meat-alternatives, presents an opportunity for Matr Foods to offer competitive pricing compared to other European countries. The company’s products are priced similarly to quality meat or organic products, with plans to lower prices further as production scales up. Wahlsten, a former executive at Arla Foods, highlighted the use of a solid-state fungal fermentation process in Matr Foods’ product development, utilizing simple ingredients like oats, split peas, lupins, beetroot, and potatoes.

Matr Foods’ founders, including entrepreneur Claus Meyer and microbiology professor Morten Sommera, are instrumental in the company’s growth and development. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Matr Foods aims to lead the way in the alternative protein market, offering consumers a viable and affordable meat-alternative option.

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