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Mondi partners with Traceless to create innovative bio-circular coating

Mondi partners with Traceless to create innovative bio-circular coating bio circular coating, Mondi, traceless Food and Beverage Business

Mondi has partnered with advanced biomaterial engineers traceless to develop a groundbreaking coating solution for food packaging. The new bio-circular coating solution, made from renewable plant-based materials sourced from agricultural by-products, is set to revolutionize the industry by replacing traditional plastic coatings.

This innovative solution not only eliminates the need for fossil raw materials but also offers significant environmental benefits. According to traceless’ life-cycle assessment, the use of their material can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 76% compared to virgin PET, with savings increasing to 95% when considering just production and disposal phases. Additionally, the material is certified home compostable by DIN CERTCO according to NF T51-800.

The collaboration between Mondi and traceless began in 2021, leveraging Mondi’s expertise in paper coating and packaging solutions and traceless’ knowledge of material solutions based on natural polymers. The coating granulates are produced in traceless’ pilot plant and tested on Mondi’s kraft paper in their R&D center before scaling up production in Hamburg.

The coated kraft paper has been rigorously tested for different packaging applications, demonstrating resistance to water, oxygen, and fat while maintaining excellent printing capabilities. The goal is to develop a recyclable packaging solution that can be used across various end-markets, such as e-commerce, frozen food, and non-fatty food, to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the packaging life cycle.

Marko Schuster, COO of functional paper and films at Mondi, highlights the company’s commitment to creating truly circular packaging and contributing to a circular economy. Anne Lamp, CEO and co-founder of traceless, emphasizes the importance of using materials that positively impact the environment and reducing plastic barrier coatings by collaborating with Mondi to create a fit-for-purpose product for a wide range of applications and industries.

Together, Mondi and traceless are leading the way in sustainable food packaging solutions, showcasing the potential of innovative biomaterials to drive positive change in the industry.

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