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Introducing Berry Global’s High-Performance Alternative to PVC Cling Films

Introducing Berry Global's High-Performance Alternative to PVC Cling Films alternative, Berry Global, cling films, high performance, PVC Food and Beverage Business

The new film is positioned as a ‘high-quality’ alternative solution to hard to recycle PVC films for private label manufacturers, providing usability and clarity while reducing packaging weights for improved yields and delivering effective product protection and maximum on-shelf appeal, according to the packaging giant.

Designed for various fresh food applications such as fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, deli, and bakery products, the new Omni Xtra+ film offers improved elasticity, uniform stretching behavior, and enhanced impact resistance compared to its previous versions.

These enhanced mechanical properties have enabled the production of a thinner overall film compared to traditional PVC alternatives, resulting in a 25% weight reduction while maintaining high levels of strength and puncture resistance.

Besides being lighter, Omni Xtra+ is also recyclable where PE film collections exist and is compliant with current European recycling guidelines, as it has been certified for recyclability and compatibility by RecyClass and Interseroh, both leading industrial organizations dedicated to achieving plastics circularity.

Berry claims that the film offers ‘much higher’ clarity than traditional PE cling films, including strong anti-fog and condensation properties comparable to PVC, allowing products to be displayed to their full advantage on retail shelves.

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